Rethinking - an Introduction to "99 Unique Experiences"

A few people have asked me what my new project "99 Unique Experiences" is about. To this there are two answers:


The images are made by finding 99 photographs of an iconic location on Instagram (photographs that other people have taken) and overlaying them on Photoshop without any distortion of perspective in order to create a composite image of that location. It's my way of visually exploring the modern impulse that has puzzled me for some time: that we go to iconic places and have to somehow take 'ownership' of our personal experience of that place by photographing it. The result is that many people visit one place, each document it - often from exactly the same spot - and end up producing images that are both completely the same and very different from other people. 


For me, it's an experiment. When I started studying my Masters in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography, I was aspiring to hone my skills in a Reuters/AP sort of direction. But after exposure to multitudes of work that take an expansive and diverse range of approaches to photography, this is my attempt to expand my own practice outwards into interrogation and ideas, which have always interested me as much as images have. I'm not sure where this leads, at this point, but it feels like a productive and interesting place to be right now, while I have the luxury of time to explore. 

Close-up from "99 Unique Experiences at the Taj Mahal".

Close-up from "99 Unique Experiences at the Taj Mahal".