The Mixed Couples Project


“Home is the place where it takes the least effort to be yourself.”

In 2015, 17% of newlyweds married someone of a different race in America, up from less than 1% in 1970. Overall almost 10% of people living in Britain are married to or living with someone from outside their own ethnic group. 

If home is the place where it takes the least effort to be yourself, then what does this mean for relationships that cross not only racial or ethnic, but spiritual, national, socio-economic and other such boundaries? What are the barriers and challenges, and what are the gains to be had from multicultural pairing? And how does that manifest in a relationship, a home environment, a life created together?

For those of us with mixed ethnic, national, racial, spiritual, cultural identities, or who never know how to answer the question of where we’re from, or where we live, home is often our partner. The Mixed Couples Project is a look at how those cultural differences can challenge and enrich the homes we create in each other.